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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Capture that Item: Feather Headband

Greetings style mavens,

So, I was back on one of my fave online shopping sites of all time- ASOS.  Of course right now I can't afford anything :*-(  (that's me with a tear by the way).  I came across this FLY ass headband.  Now normally I don't wear too many headpieces as most of them are a little too feminine for my taste, and ever since I cut my hair I have been in terrible need of something to do with my hair until it grows to a length I can do something to it...

Her Curious Nature Tweed Antler Alice Band
Retail: $96
Direct Link: Asos.com

I absolutely am in love with this headband.  I would totally wear this out and it would give my hair the spice it needs.  There's just one problem.  It's too expensive :-( 
Ok brief summary: Made primarily of 100% wool tweed this headband features a gold tone stag head, draped metal chains, and two amazing feather antlers.

The feathers alone are good enough to get me to buy it but the stag head and tweed patch have me absolutely drooling over here. *wipes mouth*  The tweed and the stag lend this otherwise girly piece just the right amount of masculinity for me to pull it off.

Now if only I had someone to purchase it for me...


  1. Im such a huge fan of hair pieces but this is another level absoultely versatile. x

  2. That's pretty hot!!!

  3. I love that hair piece! I feel like if I wear it i will transform into royalty hahah! Its so chicc