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There is a war going on. A war against machoism. What is machoism? Machoism, as defined by myself, is the belief that in order to be a man in today's society one should be a dirty, grungy, obtuse, hairy, bare-knuckle dragging, neandertal. No more! I am declaring war on machoism. This blog will forge a revolution. A Peacock Revolution!

Join me in the battle against bad fashion!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

...on to class!

Hello fellow mavens of style,

I know, it's been three whole days since I posted on the blog.  Well, I have a good reason.  So, I was drinking (a little) and me being the genius that I am, decided to place the cup on top of the keyboard.  Needless to say, the story ends with me knocking the cup over spilling the contents on the laptop (damn I hate seeing liquor go to waste).  The screen went out and I wasn't able to use the laptop until last night.  I am back up and running!

Tonight, I have draping class. I missed class last week and will need to catch up.  However, that won't be a problem for me.  I can handle it as long as I look great...

I brought my old band jacket back with me from home, and it still fits me great.  Actually, it is a little bigger on me than when I last wore it.  Pairing it up with a short-sleeve button down and a tie, gives this classic jacket new life.  Finish it off with some cool jeans and of course, chucks, and I'm off to class.

Jacket: ACHS Band Jacket
Shirt: Ross
Tie: Ross
Jeans: Express
Chucks: New York


Friday, February 19, 2010

Desert Sand

Salutations devoted readers,

So, I'm sticking to the theme of soldiers.  This set I created on polyvore reminds me of the desert sand.  Warm and somber like the eternal sands, this collection features warm browns and a serene tan.  These are definitely erudite colors, and I added the robot necklace to add an element of fun to this commune.

This is an ensemble that gives me a slight Indiana Jones vibe.  Now, all I need is a dark brown wide-brimmed hat.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Soldier of Fashion

Salutations style mavens,

In honor of Sade's new single "Soldier of Love" and Rihanna's "Hard", I have created a military inspired set.  The military look was a big hit on the runway of Balmain.  It's always important to show patriotism for one's country.

This is an ensemble I would put together and wear out.  Unfortunately, I can't afford Balmain.  However, I am working on that.

*sigh* one day...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

DIY Belt

Greetings fellow style mavens,

Ok, I know it's late, but I had to post this.  A couple of month's ago I went to JoAnn's fabrics and bought some rope and tassels.  I decided to use these items to make a little belt.  Here it is:
I love the tassels. They just swing around and just hang there.

I also made a belt in brown with blue tassels, and I also made one in black and gold (WHO DAT?!).

Belts can become a little expensive now-a-days. So, I just decided to make my own.

Aviator Sunglasses: Ebay
T-shirt: Wal-Mart
Double-Breasted Blazer: Gap
Skinny Jeans: Express
Oxford Shoes: Cole Haan

So get out there and show your creativity guys.
Soldiers Dismissed!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Tribute to a Master

Greetings style mavens,

I am finally back from my trip home.  Recently, I just found out about designer Alexander McQueen's tragic death on February 11, 2010.  Needless to say, I was heartbroken.  Alexander McQueen is one of my favorite designers of this generation.  Galliano and Karl are my other favorites.  His genius will definitely be missed.  So, I have decided to give a little mini-tribute to the late designer.  Just a few pics of my favorite collections.

This look is from his Spring 2010 collection. Head over to Elle to check out the entire collection.

This is one of my favorites from his Fall 2009 collection.  View this collection over at Elle.

The Fall 2008 collection was one of my favorite collections.  As you can see, I got a little carried away with the pics.  Swing on over to Elle and see why I love this collection.

These last two designs are from his Spring 2008.  As you can see he was a master of prints and superb tailoring. Click over at Elle and check it out.

Alexander McQueen, truly a master that will be missed. (image provided by CBC News)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Team Spirit

Salutations fellow style mavens,

So I was at work the other day, and I came across this varsity jacket. So I said to myself, "self that is what my next post will be about." They are the perfect way to show support and spirit for the home team, and they will have you feeling like "making out" under the bleachers or playing chicken on an old abandoned back road. LOL! Grease anyone?! Anyway, dress this bad boy up by layering it over a tie and button down oxford or dress it down with a simple t-shirt.

So I decided to pay a visit to one of my favorite sites, Asos. I found this jet black beauty, and decided I had to have it. That is until I saw the price for $285. *sigh* Head on over to http://www.asos.com/countryid/2/Schott/Schott-Varsity-Jacket/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=767141 and take a gander.

I love this baseball bomber jacket that I found over at Urban Outfitters. It screams vintage with its leather details. Grab one for yourself at http://www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk/Renewal-Rare-School-Baseball-Bomber-Jacket/invt/5423420250013

I absolutely love the color of this jacket. Heather grey compliments any color! Grab this one over at http://www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk/Carhartt-Baseball-Jacket/invt/5216401907373

Even though I love the color scheme of this jacket, I am not too sure about the greek lettering on the back. Especially if you already belong to another greek organization. Check it out over at http://www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk/Renewal-Rare-Wool-Baseball-Bomber-Jacket/invt/5423426830002

Soldiers, Dismissed!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Good Scrub-down

Salutations fellow gents,

So it is all about hygiene today here over at Revolution. I want to focus on the face, more importantly keeping it clean and clear.  Scrubs are the best way to keep the skin fresh and clean. I use a scrub at least 3 times a week. This helps in the fight against blackheads and dead skin cells that lie on the surface of the skin. The best scrub that I have used so far is from the Kiehl's product line...

Kiehl's Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub
I absolutely love this scrub. Before using this product, I had a patch of black heads in the center of my forehead. After using this product for about a month, I noticed they were gone. I have provided a link to the product at amazon.com below if anyone wants to try it. For $16.50 it is a bit pricey for a scrub, but it is well worth the cost.

Soldiers, Dismissed!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stompin' Around

So I ended the last post with a notion of boots.  Since, we are still have wet muggy weather and the ground is still wet, let me continue with the weatherproof theme and see if I can find some killer boots.  When I was searching over at Kenneth Cole, I came across this little section that was all about rubber boots.  100% of the proceeds on the sale of these boots goes to The AWEARNESS Fund to support amfAR.org. This website supports the research of HIV/AIDS. With that being said, I went over to check out some of the boots. I must say that these aren't your average rainboots...

Ok, so I am starting off strong. I found these little baddies first. I love the buckle detailing. Best Part- they are only $98!

This is the Midnight Rain Rubber Boot. It features a croc-embossed pattern. Price-$98

I love the antique brown color of these boots. They emanate equestrian chic, and for only $198 these boots will have you feeling like your 5'4 and 110lbs and ride an animal named Seabiscuit! LOL

Now, when I glanced at these steel colored dreams, I knew I had fallen in love.  Sporting a 15" shaft, these boots are adorned with buckles everywhere and I love it! Price-$198

To find these boots head on over to http://www.kennethcole.com/. It is totally worth it, especially for those of you who live in places with wet or snowy weather. Don't worry these boots are rubber and can take the punishment. It also doesn't hurt that buying these boots will support a good cause.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Let it Rain

Salutations fellow gents,

Lately it has been raining here in Orlando, and it has been bringing me down. (I really don't like being wet.) But then suddenly it hit me! Wet weather equals fly jackets and trenches. Freakin' awesome! So I started looking around on the internet and came across a couple of items sure to have you singing in the rain.

The first is known as the Austin Trench. I found this amazing trench over at Kenneth Cole. Complete with shoulder epaulets and belted at the waist this trench is trendy in a classic way. Price-$188

Next, I found a Waterproof Jacket. This weather conscious jacket is 40% off over at Kenneth Cole. Perfect for this wet Orlando weather. Price-$168

I found this khaki colored beauty over at Banana Republic. With epaulets, a removable lining, and a buttoned back vent, this trench is a steal for $225.

Amazing is the word that sums up this grey herringbone jacket. I love the funnel neckline and the contrast piping. But the best part for me is that it is only $110 over at http://www.asos.com/.

This last jacket is my favorite(probably because of the name). The Villain Felix Trench Coat over at asos.com will definitely have you feeling deliciously evil, and for $297 well let's just say now you can get the  boots to go with it.

Speaking of boots...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Grammy's 2010

Salutations fellow style mavens,

Ok so I just freakin woke up! Sorry it was a late night seeing as how I stupidly missed the Grammy's! I'm so mad at myself, and I didn't tivo it! So I stayed up late last night just to view clothes and performances. Anywho, I just had to post some of the guys who were super stylish that night...

Dapper as always, John Legend was impeccably dressed for the night. I love the see-thru mesh top that he layered over the dress shirt. Incredible!

Breakout band Kings of Leon were definately stars of the night winning for Record of the Year. I love how frontman Caleb Followill put a fresh spin on his suit by switching for a leather jacket. Very chic.

Ever the gentleman, singer Ne-Yo didn't disappoint.

Singer Lionell Richie showed the boys how it's done old-skool style. Rockin the single glove.

I loved how Usher went against the traditional black suit and opted for a sophisticated cream suit.

Normally I don't like hats, but LL Cool J pulled this look off effortlessly! (it was challenging finding a pic of him by himself, *sigh*, guess ladies love cool James) LOL!

Rapper Flo-Rida was very stylish on the red carpet. His grooming and manners were impeccable and I give him the Best Groomed Award.

And the winner is...

Maxwell! After being MIA for 8 years(count 'em 8 folks), Maxwell came back in a big way with an excellent album, ultra-tailored styling, and to top it off 2 Grammy's(Best R&B Album and Best Male R&B Vocal Performance)! Way to go Maxwell!

*images provided by Yahoo! News and Access Hollywood*