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There is a war going on. A war against machoism. What is machoism? Machoism, as defined by myself, is the belief that in order to be a man in today's society one should be a dirty, grungy, obtuse, hairy, bare-knuckle dragging, neandertal. No more! I am declaring war on machoism. This blog will forge a revolution. A Peacock Revolution!

Join me in the battle against bad fashion!

Friday, March 19, 2010

New Hair, New Job

Greetings style mavens,

A week and some odd days ago I posted about an upcoming job interview that I had later that day. Well needless to say I was able to score the job! Yay me!! Anyway, I decided that such a special occasion calls for a new hair style (that and I had to cut it a little for the job). So I visited my favorite salon and the deed was done, and here it is my new hair style.

The sides are cut very short and the top gradually ascends from the back to the front. Basically, it is similar to the way I had my other just shorter. It sort of has a rockabilly feel to it. However, it is extremely versatile. I can't wait to start my new job...

Soldiers dismissed!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Hello to all style gurus,

Anyone who knows me knows that during the winter I transform into this disgustingly-ashen creature with skin dryer than the Sahara. So it is important for me to keep my skin extra moisturized during the cold weather months. (Only 2 more days of this crap!) This brings me to mention two great products that have kept me descent in appearance during these harsh times.

First up is for my face. To keep my skin moisturized properly I use Thayer's Lavender Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera. Usually, witch hazel is an ingredient used in astringents; however this product can be used as a moisturizer because it is alcohol-free and will not dry out the skin. Use this after you have thoroughly cleansed the skin and use a cotton swab or round to apply it. I also notice that my skin heals faster when I use this product, probably due to the aloe vera.

Next, is what I use to nourish and hydrate my body. So far the best thing that I have found is Jergens Naturals: Ultra Hydrating Daily Moisturizer. This lotion features a light clean smell and uses natural ingredients like jojoba oil and agave extract. For me this lotion makes my skin healthy and feel soft all while having a light and airy scent that isn't overpowering.

These are products that I actually use and that I find work great for me. They earn extra points because they have light scents, because no one should be able to smell your facial moisturizer(that is what perfume and cologne are for). I suggest trying them for yourself and see if they help. They aren't very expensive and can be found in most stores, but the Thayer's Witch Hazel can be found on the company website or at GNC.com.

Until then, stay moisturized soldiers!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Louis Vuitton Spring 2010

Salutations mavens of style,

I visited my friends over at GQ.com to take a look (for references) at the Spring Collection. As you may already know these collections have been shown months ago, and they have also shown the Fall Collections. However, this is because the collections must be shown in advance to the stores who will eventually have these pieces or those inspired by them in their store to make their debut in the spring.  Hey! It takes months to fill these orders and to create thousands of garments. Anywho, got side-tracked for a minute, Louis Vuitton's Spring Collection was the first to catch my eye as it had similarities to the wardrobe I had planned out some time ago. It features shorts and blazers in warm spring colors and then transitioning into cool tones like plum and navy. Very exciting!

This yellow is simply stunning; however, I would separate the two pieces as to avoid looking like a lemon drop. That blazer is awesome!

Again another stunning blazer. These are not your average black and gray blazers they add a hint of dare to one's color palette.
My favorite look of the collection. I am absolutely in love with the length of these shorts. Most guys may be a little intimidated by such a risque height, but I feel if your legs look that great (mines do) why not show them off?

Spectacular! I love the color change effect the blazer seems to emit. Again, not just boring blacks and grays. I love the cuffed jeans. After all, what is the boyfriend trend for women if boys don't actually wear it?

Finally, the show ends with a suit. A little typical for my taste, but still I appreciate the green shoes (my favorite color) and how it compliments the silver hat and tie.

And there you have it gents. A pretty well-rounded collection with solid pieces that aren't too trendy in nature. A splash of color here and there and your entire wardrobe will come to life. To view the collection in its entirety click over to http://www.gq.com/fashion-shows/complete/S2010MEN-LVMEN?viewall=true and take a gander.

Till next time soldiers.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Casual Day

Good day style mavens,

*sigh* It seems as if it is going to be another one of those casual Mondays. A boring start to another boring week I guess. I probably might end up getting a haircut later on this week I don't really know it just depends on certain circumstances. Oh well not really feeling up to idle chat today.

Cardigan: Banana Republic
Shirt: Gap
Jeans: Rue 21
Shoes: Ross
Hopefully tomorrow will be promising...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Death Renegade

Greetings mavens of style,

I went back to my good friends at polyvore and created another great set. This time it was inspired by of course, the military and a hint of despair all leading up to pure badass.

I personally love this set. Especially the puff-sleeve cardigan and the boots are phenomenal as well. This takes me to the year 2034 the world is basically a dried up desert, and I roam the Earth carrying a sawed-off double-barrel in the search for water or gas to survive.

Live on soldiers!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Some cool ass tees

Greetings style mavens,

Everybody maven of fashion has their days where they feel, "I just want to throw on something and go!" I have those days from time to time where the creative juices just aren't flowing. However, I still don't want to compromise my style and who I am. Hmm...what's a guy to do? BEHOLD! The wonder that is 80stees.com. Their selection of t-shirts are fun and exciting, not too mention a great way to show love to classics and old favorites ranging from videogames to movies. All you have to do is pair these babies up with a blazer or cardigan and jeans or even pants. Here are a couple of shirts that I plan to get my hands on.

I love these two shirts, because I started out on nintendo, and what better way to pay homage to this great system than with a 1up mushroom.

Now anybody that knows me, knows that I am crazy about X-men. So when I saw this shirt, needless to say I was left with my mouth gaped open. Not only are these the original looks of the X-Men(not some crappy updated version that droll and ugly), but it also has my absolute favorite weather-altering windrider Storm. Damn I love me some Storm!

I mean...I'm simply speechless! Awesome! Awesome to the max!

And of course you simply can't forget Family Guy. Love it!

Well, there you have it an answer to those dragon days. Dismissed!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lavish Loafers

Hello style mavens,

Only ten more days until the first day of spring. I am jumping with anticipation as fall and winter weren't so good for me. Oh well, that is another story for later. So, recently I was looking for shoes on 6pm.com. Shoes are so important for my upcoming spring look and all I have is one pair. 6pm.com is the place to go for gorgeous shoes, and I have always had them on my mind since I found those powerful gladiator sandals for only $16. Of course, I wasn't disappointed as I stumbled across these...

I am in absolute love with these shoes. The color is stunning, and they are the perfect look to complete my spring look. The brand is Donald J. Pliner a brand known for exceptional quality with an architectural feel. I simply cannot wait to order them. The price of $48 is insane and I love it!! Love 6pm.com. Head on over there and check it out.


Friday, March 5, 2010

A Romp on the English Countryside

Greetings style mavens,

Everybody knows that jumpsuits and rompers are all the rage now-a-days, so I decided let me try this trend out.  Of course I meant over at my good friends on Polyvore.com. What?! That's my way of test driving the merchandise before I will decide whether or not I will buy or not. I searched the web and ran across a white wrap style jumpsuit courtesy of Stella McCartney(freakin love that girl). I then thought to myself what can really bring out the stylish capabilities of this jumpsuit, and it hit me pair it up with a short sleeve button down and bowtie! Genius! Add a rich brown watch and finish off with some effortlessly chic loafers and there you have it folks an outfit just as sophisticated as it is playful.

Damn I'm good at what I do! Dismissed!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Job Interview

Greetings fellow mavens of fashion,

This morning I have an interview at 9:00am. Normally, I don't get up at such freakishly early hours, but one must do what is to be done in order to get the job. *sigh* (Fame hurry and come rescue me from a life of work.) Anywho, I woke up extra early to get a jumpstart on what I am going to wear. The weather is really dank, probably because of the morning dew. Can't wait to feel that spring warmth. I hope this outfit helps me ace this interview. Pray for me.

I had the iPod on jamming to some Keri Hilson. Damn that album is good!

I love the flare on these pants. It gives me a 70's vibe, like my name is Anubis Jones and I run around using my kung-fu moves to kick some jive turkey's ass!

Shirt: Express
Tie: Dillard's
Jacket: H&M
Pants: Banana Republic
Ring: Banana Republic


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Some Stylish Shoes

Hello style mavens,

Today is all about the shoes.  Sometimes people don't understand the power of a good shoe.  Shoes are the foundation of a good outfit, and if the foundation has a crack in it... well you get the picture. I decided to go spelunking for a great pair of shoes on ol' reliable (the internet). Then I remembered walking through Mall at Millenia and always looking in the window of this neat little store. Of course the name of the store is Allen Edmonds, and the shoes are always so enticing begging me to come in; however, they are probably expensive... DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! One day...

There is no doubting the question of: Are these shoes chic? Damn straight! Usually, when I look at the bottom of a shoe I prefer the lines to be sharp and clean, but I love the softness of the bottom of these Cap-toe Oxfords. They are known as the Winhall, featuring woven calf and a full leather lining. A full leather lining! It doesn't get any better than that. How luxurious?! The shoe comes in both black and chili(featured above). Sporting a price tag of $325 these shoes are worth every penny.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Warning...Biohazardous Material!

Greetings fellow style mavens,

I just got around to viewing some of the men's Fall 2010 collections. Magnificent collections and tremendous pieces. The first collection that really got my attention was Alexander McQueen.  Featuring prints that resembled chemical spills, skulls and crossbones, and hazmat suits, this collection definitely took a turn for the worst (but in a good way).  The entire collection to me pays homage to Mike Mignola's character Karl Ruprecht Kroenen, the mad scientist from Hellboy. Below is an image of the character courtesy of Dark Horse Comics.

Influences of the mad scientist can be seen in the collection as McQueen experimented with prints that gave some of the pieces a delightfully dark presence.

The skull really brings life to this particular knit. I'm not usually a fan of fur, but I love the detailing on the shoulders. The mask gives the ensemble an even more ominous feel.

This trench is to die for.  The suttleness of the print on this jacket gives it a hint of excitement without being tacky.

This jacket is sleek and clean cut to say the least. The fabric is amazing and lends a distinct element of the obsessive-compulsive psychopath.

This look is my absolute favorite of the entire collection. The suit's tailoring is superb (a given seeing as it is McQueen's work). I would definitely wear the entire outfit exactly as is even with the balaclava! The bag's massive size is a definite plus for me and the shape is classic with a fun twist via the print.

With all that being said, this collection was definitely one of my favorites. Images from the collection are provided by GQ.com. If you guys want to check out the entire collection head on over to http://www.gq.com/fashion-shows/complete/F2010MEN-AMCMEN?viewall=true.

Until next time, Dismissed!