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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Some Stylish Shoes

Hello style mavens,

Today is all about the shoes.  Sometimes people don't understand the power of a good shoe.  Shoes are the foundation of a good outfit, and if the foundation has a crack in it... well you get the picture. I decided to go spelunking for a great pair of shoes on ol' reliable (the internet). Then I remembered walking through Mall at Millenia and always looking in the window of this neat little store. Of course the name of the store is Allen Edmonds, and the shoes are always so enticing begging me to come in; however, they are probably expensive... DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! One day...

There is no doubting the question of: Are these shoes chic? Damn straight! Usually, when I look at the bottom of a shoe I prefer the lines to be sharp and clean, but I love the softness of the bottom of these Cap-toe Oxfords. They are known as the Winhall, featuring woven calf and a full leather lining. A full leather lining! It doesn't get any better than that. How luxurious?! The shoe comes in both black and chili(featured above). Sporting a price tag of $325 these shoes are worth every penny.


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