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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Warning...Biohazardous Material!

Greetings fellow style mavens,

I just got around to viewing some of the men's Fall 2010 collections. Magnificent collections and tremendous pieces. The first collection that really got my attention was Alexander McQueen.  Featuring prints that resembled chemical spills, skulls and crossbones, and hazmat suits, this collection definitely took a turn for the worst (but in a good way).  The entire collection to me pays homage to Mike Mignola's character Karl Ruprecht Kroenen, the mad scientist from Hellboy. Below is an image of the character courtesy of Dark Horse Comics.

Influences of the mad scientist can be seen in the collection as McQueen experimented with prints that gave some of the pieces a delightfully dark presence.

The skull really brings life to this particular knit. I'm not usually a fan of fur, but I love the detailing on the shoulders. The mask gives the ensemble an even more ominous feel.

This trench is to die for.  The suttleness of the print on this jacket gives it a hint of excitement without being tacky.

This jacket is sleek and clean cut to say the least. The fabric is amazing and lends a distinct element of the obsessive-compulsive psychopath.

This look is my absolute favorite of the entire collection. The suit's tailoring is superb (a given seeing as it is McQueen's work). I would definitely wear the entire outfit exactly as is even with the balaclava! The bag's massive size is a definite plus for me and the shape is classic with a fun twist via the print.

With all that being said, this collection was definitely one of my favorites. Images from the collection are provided by GQ.com. If you guys want to check out the entire collection head on over to http://www.gq.com/fashion-shows/complete/F2010MEN-AMCMEN?viewall=true.

Until next time, Dismissed!

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