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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Louis Vuitton Spring 2010

Salutations mavens of style,

I visited my friends over at GQ.com to take a look (for references) at the Spring Collection. As you may already know these collections have been shown months ago, and they have also shown the Fall Collections. However, this is because the collections must be shown in advance to the stores who will eventually have these pieces or those inspired by them in their store to make their debut in the spring.  Hey! It takes months to fill these orders and to create thousands of garments. Anywho, got side-tracked for a minute, Louis Vuitton's Spring Collection was the first to catch my eye as it had similarities to the wardrobe I had planned out some time ago. It features shorts and blazers in warm spring colors and then transitioning into cool tones like plum and navy. Very exciting!

This yellow is simply stunning; however, I would separate the two pieces as to avoid looking like a lemon drop. That blazer is awesome!

Again another stunning blazer. These are not your average black and gray blazers they add a hint of dare to one's color palette.
My favorite look of the collection. I am absolutely in love with the length of these shorts. Most guys may be a little intimidated by such a risque height, but I feel if your legs look that great (mines do) why not show them off?

Spectacular! I love the color change effect the blazer seems to emit. Again, not just boring blacks and grays. I love the cuffed jeans. After all, what is the boyfriend trend for women if boys don't actually wear it?

Finally, the show ends with a suit. A little typical for my taste, but still I appreciate the green shoes (my favorite color) and how it compliments the silver hat and tie.

And there you have it gents. A pretty well-rounded collection with solid pieces that aren't too trendy in nature. A splash of color here and there and your entire wardrobe will come to life. To view the collection in its entirety click over to http://www.gq.com/fashion-shows/complete/S2010MEN-LVMEN?viewall=true and take a gander.

Till next time soldiers.

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