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There is a war going on. A war against machoism. What is machoism? Machoism, as defined by myself, is the belief that in order to be a man in today's society one should be a dirty, grungy, obtuse, hairy, bare-knuckle dragging, neandertal. No more! I am declaring war on machoism. This blog will forge a revolution. A Peacock Revolution!

Join me in the battle against bad fashion!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Death Renegade

Greetings mavens of style,

I went back to my good friends at polyvore and created another great set. This time it was inspired by of course, the military and a hint of despair all leading up to pure badass.

I personally love this set. Especially the puff-sleeve cardigan and the boots are phenomenal as well. This takes me to the year 2034 the world is basically a dried up desert, and I roam the Earth carrying a sawed-off double-barrel in the search for water or gas to survive.

Live on soldiers!

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