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There is a war going on. A war against machoism. What is machoism? Machoism, as defined by myself, is the belief that in order to be a man in today's society one should be a dirty, grungy, obtuse, hairy, bare-knuckle dragging, neandertal. No more! I am declaring war on machoism. This blog will forge a revolution. A Peacock Revolution!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

...on to class!

Hello fellow mavens of style,

I know, it's been three whole days since I posted on the blog.  Well, I have a good reason.  So, I was drinking (a little) and me being the genius that I am, decided to place the cup on top of the keyboard.  Needless to say, the story ends with me knocking the cup over spilling the contents on the laptop (damn I hate seeing liquor go to waste).  The screen went out and I wasn't able to use the laptop until last night.  I am back up and running!

Tonight, I have draping class. I missed class last week and will need to catch up.  However, that won't be a problem for me.  I can handle it as long as I look great...

I brought my old band jacket back with me from home, and it still fits me great.  Actually, it is a little bigger on me than when I last wore it.  Pairing it up with a short-sleeve button down and a tie, gives this classic jacket new life.  Finish it off with some cool jeans and of course, chucks, and I'm off to class.

Jacket: ACHS Band Jacket
Shirt: Ross
Tie: Ross
Jeans: Express
Chucks: New York


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