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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Rose by Any Other Name...

Greetings wonderful stylish ones,

Tonight I am going out to dinner with Shanequa and some of my other classmates.  It is always pleasant to go out and dine with friends.  Not really sure of the name of the restaurant; I just know that it is located in the Millenia area.  Of course this means that I have to dress impeccably.  I started with a blue rose and went from there...

A relatively simple silhouette with some classics: a tank, a romper, and a cardigan.  Add some statement accessories and there it is-a chic evening outfit.

As far as a color story goes, it is all about the blues.  Three different hues make this ensemble fit for a romp on the beach.  The yellow uplifts the otherwise melancholy nature of blue and gives it a fresh sunny kick.

The grey was added as my foundation color.  A foundation color is usually some type of black, grey, neutral, or brown.  This gives me a sturdy platform in which to play with different colors.  That and I just love the gloves and really wanted to wear them.

The oxfords and the hair add a school boy element to the entire look making it playfully sophisticated.

Cardigan: Banana Republic
Tank: Love Culture
Romper: Forever 21
Cut-off gloves: Claire's
Blue Rose: Express
Oxfords: Cole Haan

With that I am dashing off to dinner.

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