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Friday, November 26, 2010

Show a Little Leg

Salutations stylish ones,

Ok remember earlier this week I wrote about D&G's fabulous Fall/Winter 2010 collection.  One of the significant points of the collection was adding a little summer sexiness to your wintery wardrobe featuring breezy knit shorts and bare legs lost in fur covered boots.  So, I went out shopping to see if I can get this look for the low.  I actually had some success and scored big time by hitting up Goodwill.  Take a look...

Their are a few suttle variances, but that is to make it my own.  The sweater was from Goodwill and all of the other items were already mine.

I love the fierceness of this pose. Can you say Facebook profile pic? LOL.  I added my lovely combat boots that I am obsessed with and a pair of cutoff gloves to give the outfit a hint of grunge.

Finally, I added a scarf to keep my neck warm and belted the waist for a more personal fit.  I topped the look off with some sunglasses in my hair-since I couldn't get those spectacular goggles :-(

Also, buying from Goodwill supports individuals and families that are in need. Yay! I did a good deed!

Sweater: Goodwill
Shorts: Love Culture
Boots: Overstock.com
Sunglasses: (random mall vendor)
Scarf: Gap
Gloves: Forever 21

It's good to give back.

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