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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fashion Club: Fashion Show

Greetings stylish ones,

Back again updating you on my latest endeavors.  I haven't posted in a while due to the fact that this past quarter at school was very draining.  Then on top of that, I went back home for spring break where my parents still have dial-up. Seriously?!

Anywhoo, back while I was in school the Fashion Club hosted a "Back in Time" fashion show.  So you know me, I had to bring a little extra to the table...

I was feeling a little dark so I went for ominous masked person. LOL

The headwear was a DIY project. A friend gave me the peacock feathers, and I attached the black lace to it.

The scarf/shawl was another DIY project.  I just bought some green lace and sewed it together. Simple. However, I hated it the next day.

I belted the scarf/shawl to pull the look together and topped it off with my diva fan.

I couldn't get any pics of the outfits as the event took place at a nightclub and the lighting was poor.  But I will say that my fellow classmates are amazing and really talented. It was inspiring to see them succeed.

Headwear: DIY
Shirt: Express
Bowtie: Aldo
Scarf/Shawl: DIY
Jeans: Anchor Blue
Belt: Liz Claiborne
Gloves: Forever 21
Fan: Local Chinese Shop

Till next time,

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