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Monday, April 4, 2011

Shanequa's 30th Bday!

Greetings my stylish friends,

On Friday, April 1 my lovely best friend and creator of FashionPad Shanequa turned 30.  Entering a new decade is a special occasion, so on Saturday, April 2 she threw a lavish event at the Gallery at Interlachen in scenic Winter Park, FL.

I unfortunately arrived late (truck wouldn't start), but when I got there I definitely had a good time.  We ate, drank (no alcohol  >:-(  ), and danced.  The birthday girl herself was clad in a stunning blue dress from BCBG Max Azria, sky-high black pumps, and these gorgeous earrings that were ridiculously long.  As for me...

I opted for a sophisticated-yet-subtle look.  A simple blazer belted with a scarf and jeans.

The birthday girl cuttin' a rug. Get it Noosie!! LOL

I didn't get many pics of her seeing as how I didn't bring my camera.  So, I had to use my phone.  Love the shade of that blue!

Look at the sheer length of those earrings.  They go on and on for miles.  As Shanequa would say-GEESH!

Dawanna and Dexter were in the place chic as ever.

Spreading the latest fashion gossip.

The event was ever so lovely. I bought the birthday girl a lovely and exotic scarf.
Happy Birthday Shanequa!

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