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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Low Impact Look: Striped Cardigan

Greetings ever-so-stylish ones,

Today I'm doing my first ever Low Impact Look.  "What is that?!" you say.  Well it is simply my version of "the look for less".  I just named it that to give it a military feel. LOL

Anywhoo, I was looking and longing on Net-A-Porter, when I came across this handsome cardigan...

Oscar de la Renta Cashmere and silk blend Cardigan.  Retailing for $1,790 this little beauty just might break the bank. LOL

Here are some low cost alternatives...

NW3 By Hobbs Pryors Striped Cardigan. This beauty can be found over at Asos for only $142.

G-Star Correct Striped Cardigan. I love this cardigan red and white are two colors that compliment each other well. This bad boy retails for $160.

What do you guys think?

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