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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Get the Look: Drizzy Drake

Hello there style mavens,

So, I was browsing the web looking for male celebrities that have style, and I came across this pic of Drake over at johnjohnsaidit.com. This led me to do a "get the look" post.  Shanequa does these a lot over at FashionPad and they are always very exciting to me. Without further procrastination, here is my first "Get the Look".

 The look consists of a red wine cardigan, a white t-shirt, and relaxed fit jeans. A casual but stylish look. Let's take it step by step.

Step 1: Cardigan

Both of these cardigans can be found at Asos.  The first cardigan retails for $135. A little pricey but the pattern is divine.  The second cardigan carries a price of $33.  Not a bad price for this nice looking cardigan.  I love it when they mix different hues of blue together.

Step 2: Jeans

The first pair of jeans(Levi's) is listed at $126, while the second pair(Diesel) hails at $270 .  Both jeans are provided via Asos.

Step 3: Shoes

The first pair of shoes kinda resembles Chuck's and oh how I love Chuck's (they make me all warm and fuzzy inside). This pair retails for $84. The second pair on the other hand is designed by the late Alexander McQueen for Puma, which retails for $219. I love the shade of purple, as it adds a splash of color to any basic wardrobe.

And there you have it! The perfect Drizzy Drake inspired outfit. Oh, I almost forgot the shoes are found over at Asos as well.

Till next time readers,

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