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Monday, September 6, 2010

Dinner with the Crew

Greetings stylish ones,

Recently, I went out to dinner with Shanequa, Dexter, and Dawanna. Every once in a while the four of us will get together and chat over dinner. This time Dexter was the one to plan the nights venue at Cheesecake Factory. Needless to say, we had a fantastic night. When we first got there and was waiting for a table, some rude woman thought it was cool to sit on Shanequa's hip and didn't say excuse me. HER HIP FOR GOODNESS SAKE!! Are you serious?! Who does that? Of course that upset me and I said some choice words.

Our waiter was a tad bit on the extra side, but he was great though. Of course, we almost got off to a rocky start with him because he called all of us ladies twice. It didn't bother me that he confused me with being a chick (especially when you see my outfit), I get that alot unfortunately. However, what almost set me off was the fact that he thought Dexter was a girl, especially after the second time.

We finally got our table and Dawanna was EXTRA fashionably late. Beating me at my own game...

Dawanna and Shanequa. Simply Gorgeous!

Shanequa was stunning sporting a pastel pink, white and neutral(pumps) color palette. Heffa! Always trying to compete with me! LOL. Love ya girl!

Dawanna was adorable in a tried-and-true red and white outfit.

Me and Dexter had the girls rolling with laughter. He is so crazy.

Of course there was me. You know I had to be extra. Me and Shanequa saw the hat at Urban Outfitters. I almost didn't get it because I thought it was regular priced. However, Shanequa convinced me to grab it and check the price. Good thing I did, seeing as how it was on sale for $9.99. Dang what a deal! I will have to take Shanequa along shopping with me more often. LOL

I picked up the most adorable owl ring at Forever 21. I named him Harold. Isn't he adorable.

This outfit harkens back to the time of Superfly. Chic blazer, high-waist bellbottoms, and dare I say- pimp hat! LMBO!

Damn, I love this hat!!

At the end of the night we had a great time. The food was extra delicious, and the cheesecake was heavenly.
Hat: Urban Outfitters
Shirt: Forever 21
Pants: Ralph Lauren
Blazer: Banana Republic
Harold: Forever 21
Ring: Gift from Shanequa
Bracelets: Forever 21

*sigh* Food, Friends, Fashion- what else does one need?

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