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Friday, September 3, 2010

And the Verdict is...

Greetings fellow mavens of style,

Last week I had jury duty. I was kind of excited and kind of shocked seeing as how I only lived here in Orlando for two years. It was my very first time so I was kind of nervous and kind of anxious. So you know what the big question on my mind was: "What am I going to wear?!"

Since it would obviously be held in a courtroom, I knew I had to be professional but with my own elements to stay true to my style. So I grabbed a few items the night before and when it was time to go, I was ready...

It was pretty simple: throw in a crisp button down, a sleek vest, a solid pair of jean trousers, an ever-so-slim tie, and cinch the waist with a belt. The perfect formula for a day on the panel.

I somehow managed to put this crazy curl in my head that stuck out and wouldn't stay down. I love the pop of color that the tie gives the outfit.

The look bears a resemblance to the attire seen on Mad Men. Only not nearly as expensive and wonderful.

Oh, I almost forgot my ring. Picked this little number up at Banana Republic. The color of the stone is to die for.

Shirt: Express
Tie: Armani Exchange
Vest: Express
Ring: Banana Republic
Trousers: Banana Republic
Belt: Target

Jury duty was a blast. I don't know why people don't really like it. Then again there were a number of factors contributing to my experience. All in all I would love to do it again.

We the jury find the defendant- STYLISH!!!

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