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Monday, January 10, 2011

Spring Style Inspiration

Greetings mavens of style,

So even though it has been pretty freaking cold, it is now beginning to slowly warm up.  This got me thinking about what I plan on doing for my spring/summer wardrobe.  Hmm...

I decided to comb through the runway photos of Elle and GQ to see what I could find.  Without any disappointment, two collections stuck out to me.  The first was Alexis Mabille's Spr/Sum 2011 Menswear line...

This collection definitely echoed boho-chic.  The man's way.

Spring flowers adorned their hair, and the accessories were in full bloom featuring flower necklaces and bracelets.  Maybe I should find some small flowers to place in my hair.

Next was Anna Sui's Spr/Sum 2011 Women's wear collection...

Simply adorable.  Feather necklaces, psychedelic prints, and flower wreaths.  What more could you ask for when embodying the peace love atmosphere of the 70's?!

These boots remind me of my awesome pair of Cocconuts by Matisse brown boots that I am in love with.  Guess you know what that means.

I really am debating on whether or not to rock men's leggings.  However, I must say that a belted tunic paired with leggings and boots makes for a stellar combination.  Maybe just maybe I can pull it off.

*to view these collections in their entirety click on over to:
and http://www.gq.com/fashion-shows/complete/S2011MEN-AMMEN?page=1*

Lightweight airy blouses, earthy cowboy boots, strappy sandals, and flower accessories.  This will definitely be a boho-boy chic spring and summer.

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