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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Balmain Fall 2011

Greetings style mavens,

So it's been a minute since I featured a collection.  My last post featured a look from Balmain's Fall 2011 collection.

Today, I decided to feature more looks from this collection...

I love the length of this overcoat and the length of the scarf in this look.  It somehow makes the body appear slimmer and longer.

I am a definite fan of this gray scheme.

This is an interesting way to wear a scarf.  I may attempt this.

This reminds me of a very young sailor eager to prove himself on the high seas.

I LIVE for this coat! If somebody wants to buy it for me, please feel free to. I would greatly appreciate it.

...and a strong finish.  White blazer on deck!

*head on over to http://www.gq.com/fashion-shows/brief/F2011MEN-BALMAINMEN/ to view the full collection*

Magnificent! Balmain does it again!

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  1. LOOOOVING these looks! Wow! The layering is perfection.

    Stop by some time at http://stylelustpages.com!