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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Get the Look: Shipwrecked!

Greetings my stylish friends,

I was cruising the internet the other day looking for the hottest looks the net has to offer.  So as always I go to my tried and true: GQ.com.  They always have the latest looks and the most fashionable gents.

As I combed through their runway archives for Fall 2011 I came across this handsome look...

I love this look.  It's from the Balmain collection for the aforementioned season.  It features a striped shirt, rugged skinny jeans, wellington-style boots, and a large double-breasted peacoat.  The striped shirt and the boots stamp an out-at-sea feel to this look.

Now let's break it down step-by-step:

Step 1: Striped Shirt

ASOS Selected Wardour Split Neck Stripe Shirt
Retail: $66
Though not red it still bears a nautical theme.

Step 2: Rugged Skinny Jeans

Diesel Larkee T 8Y9 Tapered Carrot Jeans at ASOS
Retail: $155
Whether tapered or skinny, jeans that become narrow at the ankles are the best when it comes to stuffing them in the boots.

Step 3: Wellington-style boots

Frank Wright Navajo Boots at ASOS
Retail: $121
The boots trend is still burning strong for men.  Though these aren't quite wellington-style, any boot will do just fine.

Step 4: Double-Breasted Peacoat

River Island Long Military Jacket at ASOS
Even though it isn't a peacoat, it is double-breasted, and when unbuttoned it will give the same look as above.  Plus it is an awesome looking jacket.

Optional Step: Rain Boot

Kenneth Cole Electric Rain Rubber Boot
These beauties are for those days when there is an actual chance of drowning by simply stepping outside.

*all images appear courtesy of http://www.asos.com/ and http://www.kennethcole.com/*

This completes it. Happy Sailing (I know that was corny, but what do you want from me)

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