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Monday, June 6, 2011

Most Wanted: T-Shirts

Salutations mavens of style,

Today, I want to tell you guys about an age old item that never goes out of style.  The t-shirt.  It just keeps going and going and going.  Anywho, I just want to give you guys some stylish options.  Of course you know that I'm not just going to give you some plain basic tees...

ASOS Dropped Armhole Hooded Vest.
Retail: $26
Even though it's called a vest, it is still a t-shirt. Not really sure why the called it a vest. Probably, because it buttons down in the front, but only halfway.

ASOS Long Sleeve Striped Top
Retail: $37
There is an easy going feel to this shirt that I really like. It is simple yet chic.

Villain Asymmetric V-Neck T-shirt
Retail: $42
I love this shirt because of it's imperfections. It features an off-center neckline and an uneven hem.  However, I'm not sure I want to pay $42 for it. :-/

ASOS Cowl Neck 3/4 Length Sleeve Top
Retail: $37
I love the neckline of this tee it's simple, yet it is something that has not been done too often.

Delusion Knot Hooded T-shirt
Retail: $148
This one is a bit pricey, but it is the most interesting in terms of fashion.

*images appear courtesy of http://www.asos.com/*
Well, I believe that's all folks,

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