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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Egypt: Aztec Style

Hello fellow mavens of style,

Last week me and my friend Wyneshia went to go see Sex and the City 2! I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about watching a movie about four rich women who jetset to the Middle East to be pampered to no avail. (*sigh* just a little jealous that's all). They movie however, turned out to be delightfully fun and don't get me started on how INSANE (I mean that in a good way) some of the clothes were. Anyway, seeing that movie reminded me of a rather pleasant rezendevous of my own. Let me tell you a small story.

A while back, I used to work with this guy at a clothing store here in Orlando. He introduced himself to me first (I'm not saying I'm ugly or anything, but this rarely happens to me); he was the stereotypical dreamboat formed by the adjectives tall, dark, and handsome; needless to say, I was caught off guard by the fact that this guy wanted to talk to me. Anywho, we conversated a little while, and he told me he was from Egypt. Wow!! Here I was conversating with this tall, dark, and handsome Egyptian guy!! Damn!! But this story has a sad ending, as I was too afraid to say anything, and I left to go to school in Miami. *sniff, sniff* I'm such a loser.

Of course that story is only half of this post.

Before I move on, a quick fact. Most people think Egypt is Middle Eastern, when in fact it is located on the Northeastern tip of Africa, so it is technically an African country. However, most of it's citizens have features considered Middle Eastern. Just thought you would like to know. : ^)

All these events and memories have inspired me to do an Egyptian set courtesy of polyvore. I also thought, why not throw in some Ancient Aztec inspired accessories for a culture clash worthy of Peacock Revolution! So without further ado, I present the culmination of my inspiration...

Simply Gorgeous! (the outfits ok as well) *wink*

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